About Vintage Postage Stamp Art Prints


Hello, I am Michael Morville.

I came to a crossroads a few years ago where my profession as a graphic designer and access to my Fathers business as a wholesale stamp dealer could create these art prints from vintage postage stamps. My European father has been a stamp dealer since 1951 and I later grew up working as a kid, sorting and counting and wrapping and shipping and unpacking stamps from all over the world between school and surfing and art. I became a graphic designer/artist and here I am as Prints Morville. Now I can offer this massive original collection of vintage postage stamps from all over the world as beautiful art prints.

It’s an homage to my Father and a fulfillment of mine to share all these images that fascinated me since childhood and opened me to the world, and art, and travel.

I think I am the only one in the world with these images and such a unique access to so many beautiful exotic stamps to offer as art prints and more various products to come! These are printed on quality 100% cotton rag paper with archival dye based ink.

The art appeal and imagery is so broad that I feel there is an image for everyone. The vast range of countries represented, compounded by so many various topics is like nothing else you will find. Additional elements such as aging or cancellation marks evoke a romantic, soulful and historic quality.

I hope you can identify with these vintage postage stamp art prints on many levels. A person’s own ancestry for example, world history, travel memories, geography, and the very juxtaposition the postage stamp image attains as an art print.

Either intimate or poster size, vintage postage stamp art prints lend themselves well to hanging in groups and a myriad of other creative options.

Check my Look Book page so you can see my slideshow of art framed in various settings.

Retailers, designers, and art consultants, all art can be produced in custom colors and sizes, please read my wholesale page for more information.

Please delve into this initial selection of over 600 vintage postage stamp images and become as transported by these prints as I have.

Thanks a lot for your interest,

Michael Morville